The idea of cross country skis with wheels was conceived in the mid 1960’s in the workshop of an artisan Fabio Crestani, located in North – Eastern Italy, in Sandrigo (Vicenza), an area renowned for its industrial productivity. The Company was already known for the production of sporting equipment for tennis courts to which suddenly Fabio Crestani added the production of some prototypes of skis with wheels. The company, founded in 1973 is still ongoing under the management of his son Carlo Crestani and since its debut has become one of the most popular best selling brands of roller skis in the world, with the brand SKI SKETT




APEOM was founded in 2000. They have utilised more than twenty years of experience with development and production of laser shooting simulators. APEOM is involved in development and production of opto-electronic equipment and its applications.  Their main mission is development and production of equipment for optical shooting and their products were used during the victory at the 2012 Olympics in London by pentathlonists David Svoboda and Laura Asadauskaite.


Located in New Hampshire in the USA, Nordic skater have everything you need for Nordic sports and their summer alternatives. Great prices and great staff!

NSW Biathlon Association is the State Sporting Organisation (SSO) which runs Biathlon in NSW. Its objectives are to encourage, promote, advance and administer the sport of Biathlon throughout NSW. They offer an introduction to the sport of Biathlon, supports biathlon for enjoyment, fitness and recreation and provides a pathway for athletes who wish to go all the way!


Their mission is to spread a life long passion for cross-country skiing through roller skiing in Australia. The primary goal is to share knowledge and awareness about the sport and have the best gear available! It was started by two Norwegian girls living in Perth in 2013 and has been thriving ever since. A life spent cross country skiing was challenged when they moved to Australia.  Not to be deterred, the girls followed their passion for skiing and started roller skiing. The fantastic climate and great paths make Australia a perfect place for roller skiing!